Outreach Report: August 2018

A group of kids in Tanzania are smiling BIG thanks to the generous support of our donors!   Here’s a quick recap of the outreach we’ve done over the last month:

 Salimu, an orphan with significant medical concerns, has had his overdue hospital bills paid and received several months supply of medicine. His school lunch and bus fare accounts have also been credited, which will enable him to continue his education; a crucial element in breaking the cycle of poverty.

 Jovin is now receiving the medical treatment required until he undergoes heart surgery next month. With a grateful heart, his mother said, "only God can repay those who supported us, because I could never do it myself.”

 Elizabeth and Mathius, siblings who live far from where they attend school, have received new shoes, school bags and credit to their lunch accounts so they no longer have to skip a meal every day. Elizabeth said, "May God bless those who helped me and my brother. Life is so hard without our mother and I feel very alone, but having people care for me makes me feel happy and I can smile again, even a little.”

 Nelvin and Novatus have received credit to their school lunch accounts. They said, "It was hard for us to see other people have lunch and we didn’t have anything to eat. Sometimes when we were so hungry, we decided to go home and have lunch there. Most of the time we didn’t go back to school because time couldn’t allow us. Now we are happy because we can eat and stay at school."

 Marry, a high school student, has received a new pair of shoes, a school bag and 9 exercise books.

 Nai and Sharon have each received a new pair of shoes.

Here at TGOTI, we believe that love really IS the greatest and we appreciate you showing it to these kids! Please share this link and follow us on social media to help us spread it even further!