Love In Action

Salimu, an orphan who is deaf, mute and a carrier of Sickle Cell Disease, now has several months supply of medicine and his overdue hospital bills have been paid. His school lunch account and bus fares have been credited, which will enable him to continue his education; a crucial element in breaking the cycle of poverty. Salimu was thankful that people remembered him and that he will no longer "see the man we borrowed money from coming to our home asking for his money back."

Elizabeth and Mathius attend school far from where they live and have just received credit to their lunch accounts so they can eat at school again. Elizabeth said, "May God bless those who helped me and my brother. Life is so hard without a mother near and I feel very alone, but having people care for me makes me feel happy and I can smile again, even a little."

Maswai now has medicine to keep her son Jovin comfortable until he undergoes heart surgery in a few months. With a grateful heart, she said, "only God can repay those who support us, because I could never do it myself.”

Elizabeth, a single mother of four, has redeemed her land and can continue farming to provide for her family. She said, "I've never seen the people who helped me, but I'm so grateful. Thank you so much and may God bless them.”

Marry, a high school student, has just received a new pair of shoes and nine exercise books. She said, "life is hard, but I keep on moving because I have hope that through education, I will have a better life in the future."